On Monday 15th May we had a Thanksgiving Service for Pam Neame, who died aged 93. Pam had been a faithful worshipper at Hook Church since she was about 4 years old, and regularly attended Church until last year, when ill-health meant that she moved into a Home.

The Thanksgiving Service was attended by many people including: family members who had travelled from far and near, friends, folks from the Home and many Church friends too. The Service included Hymns, memories from Church friends, a message from Psalm 16 by Pastor Paul Pease and a Family Tribute to Pam when grateful memories were given from many family members.

Please find below memories from two of Pam's Church friends.

Pam Neame  – Pat’s memories

Well, what can we say about our Pam, I think there is one thing we all know, and that is that she loved her family, and would do anything for them. And they loved and appreciated her, and this has been shown in their concern for their mum in more recent days.

Pam first lived on the Hook Road next to Myrtle’s family before moving to Kent Way. Here they found that amongst their neighbours were the Goodenough’s, it seems the children used to play together but it wasn’t long before a young boy called Roy was caught pulling the Neame girl’s plaits, of which I’m sure he was very soon told by their Mum, that this was not the thing to do to her girls. Pam was very family orientated and when her Aunt Florrie lived in Chessington she helped her a great deal, and looked after her when she became more house bound.

Another thing Pam was a stickler for even in later life, was that we didn’t shorten their names and when we met at the Gideon Thank Giving Services I was often pulled up for calling Valerie, Val, sometimes I used to do it on purpose just to get that disapproving look, but we always laughed about it afterwards.

Linda remembers that Pam always visited Mrs Perrin on a Friday and they always had salmon sandwiches for lunch!! Must have been their favourite food!!

It seems Pam has been here at Hook Church all her life, as she became a Christian at a Salvation Army meeting when she was 12 years old and has gone on from there.  I’m sure all the children came here to the youth work, because Bob has said that Pam always attended the Campaigner London Parades, and I can still see Paula sitting in a circle in the back hall dressed in her green Juno uniform!

Pam also loved coming to the Tuesday service here, and I think we all knew that, even the staff at the Care Home, were happy to help make sure lunch was eaten in time for her to be picked up!

Here at Hook, Pam heard regularly about the way of salvation, and from trusting the Lord at such an early age, I’m sure what she heard, helped her to live for Him.



Pam – Helen L’s Memories

I got to know Pam when she started attending the Tuesday Service many years ago. She came with her best friend Doris Stephenson and I used to call them Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum! They were always full of giggles and had a wonderful sense of fun. That appealed to me and I would tease them and ask them where their skateboards were!  I’d have to watch out for the prodding with her walking stick then, though!

Pam and Doris went for their Fish & Chips supper on Tolworth Broadway every week and often said that, if I behaved myself, they were happy for me to join them some time. Sadly, I never did, but if I had, I’m sure we would have had lots of fun and much laughter.

Sadly, Doris passed away several years ago and Pam keenly felt the loss of her good friend. Whenever she mentioned her, she remembered all the fun they’d had and a broad smile would appear on her face, tinged with the sadness of losing her.

Pam attended the Tuesday Service every week and loved coming. She particularly enjoyed the days when we provided a lovely lunch and she really enjoyed the fellowship at her table.

I often sat with her on Sundays, but one Sunday my husband Barclay came with me to church and we sat in the seats in front of her. She tapped Barclay on the shoulder and asked if he was my husband. When he affirmed it, she told him she felt sorry for him, as I was trouble!

Pam went to see her daughter Paula and her family regularly, in America, and a few months before she was due to go, she would get very excited. One year, she experienced awful turbulence on the plane and when she got home, she told me that she had been very frightened and that she had prayed to the Lord to keep her safe, which He had answered. That is when she started to get drawn closer to God and her faith was strengthened.

A few years ago, I met Valerie for the first time. She was obviously very devoted to her mum and Pam was very proud to introduce me to her. Valerie was a devoted daughter and Pam relied on her very much - in an independent sort of way!  

I will miss her……..and the cheeky twinkle in her eye!


One of the Hymns sung at the Thanksgiving Service

A favourite of Pam's.