183 years ago today (9th June 1834) William Carey departed this life and went to be in the presence of his Saviour, Jesus.  Here's a brief intro to him (Travel with William Carey)

The word of God was like fire burning in William Carey’s heart, continuously igniting him to challenge ungodly belief and behaviour in both church and culture. He dared people to think biblically and rearrange their lives accordingly. He was the living, walking, talking embodiment of his famous saying: ‘Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God.’ Physically a small man, yet he accomplished big things for God in both England and India.

Carey – knowing that God could transform whole cultures, as well as individuals, through the Scriptures – used all his energy, time and gifts to bring people the Bible so that their world could be shaped by God’s word. This was his vision and his passion for all people throughout the whole earth. Convinced that those who had the Scriptures were under obligation to take them to those who had not, he – after twelve years of intense gospel work in England – bought a one way ticket, packed his bags, travelled 15,000 miles to India, and spent the rest of his life vigorously spreading the Bible there. In the years that followed hundreds copied his example and became missionaries throughout the world. The impact of his life and work are still being felt today.

In living out his vision, and eventually persuading others to own it, Carey encountered many obstacles and yet he rose above them all. He overcame serious, debilitating disease in his own life, took on the theological heavyweights of his day who simply guarded the gospel in their corner, played a key role in rousing a sleeping giant to world mission, and with his close friends in England he roadblocked the East India Company juggernaut which was totally against missionaries. Carey smashed ungodly and inhumane practices in India, cracked foreign languages so as to translate the Bible, poured learning into uneducated minds, and set thousands of Indians free as he gave them God’s truth in their own language.

Many times William Carey was cast down, and many times he was saddened; but he never gave up; the word ‘Quit’ was not in his vocabulary. ‘I can plod’ he said, ‘to this I owe everything.’ He was a Spirit-led dynamo who wanted to make a lasting difference to peoples’ lives for eternity. Few people were the same after spending time with this relentless, energetic, radical man of laser-like vision.