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We have some really good news!

You can freely receive the forgiveness of sins through Jesus and a brand new life in the power of the Holy Spirit when you turn to God in repentance and faith. In your new life your character and relationships will be changed to be Christlike. When your life is over, you will enter glory and enjoy God and His creation throughout all eternity.

We believe this Gospel is able to transform individual lives, entire communities and even the whole world. We are intense about this message, but not screwed up on religion; laid-back intensity, that's us.

If you come along to one of our services, you will find a multigenerational family of believers from different cultures and ethnic groups, with a real heart to live for Christ.




Paul Pease
Senior Pastor

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Tim Neale
Pastor of Youth & Young Families

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win, build, send

win, build, send


to win as many people as possible for the Lord Jesus

1 Thess 1v9-10 describes what this winning consists of:

  • Turning people from idols.
  • To serve the living and true God.
  • To wait for His Son from heaven.


to build up those who have been won for Christ

This involves discipling individuals to be like Jesus (Rom 8v29) in belief and behaviour (2 Peter 3v18).

It also involves people finding their place in the Church community, living in unity whilst expressing diversity (1 Cor. 12v12).


to send believers out to win others for christ

Our desire is not to remove Christians from the real world so that they spend all their time in church life, but to send them back out to the world, to be a blessing to people by doing good and winning others for Jesus.

We try to send people to the following three areas:

  1. Onto their frontline of family, community and workplace, surviving and thriving as they live as ambassadors of Christ.
  2. Into the church as Pastor-Teachers, church workers, and servants exercising spiritual gifts.
  3. Onto the mission field as pioneer evangelists or short term workers.

Global Vision

Global Vision

Global Vision

We are committed to sending our labourers into the worldwide harvest field. As part of our church vision of win | build | send we are pleased to support Christian ministries in various parts of the UK and the wider world. In particular, here are some of the ministries we support:

  • Schools outreach workers in the London Borough of Kingston Upon Thames and in Herefordshire;

  • Village evangelism and Bible translation in Chad in Africa;

  • Caring For Life in Leeds;

  • A pastor-missionary in Kosovo;

  • A missionary with Hands At Work in Africa;

  • A student at All Nations Bible College preparing for work in South America

It is our constant prayer that the church's resources should be used to support Christian work in the wider world and, where possible, there should be those from Hook Church serving throughout the world.