Natter and Nosh - Thurs 18th May - speaker Judy Moore

We had a delicious array of food, which is always the case in our 'bring and share' events. This was slightly different because, just as we were sitting down to eat there was a power cut. We used our phone flashlights etc , and the guys sorted us out with stage lighting, and so we had a most atmospheric occasion.


Judy Moore, a actress school-friend of Hazel's, then came and spoke on the subject "Does my faith look big in this?" Her presentation included a number of monologues:

The first character she introduced us to was a Mersey-side lady, who felt that her life was at a half-time moment: what had she achieved? and where was she going? The punchline, was that God believes in us, where we may not believe in ourselves, and that He has a great purpose for each one of us.

Judy then described praying for hospitality during a busy acting programme that would include 'a nice hot bath and candles'. God did answer her prayer - she got the hospitality, but from a Christian former-Satanist, who deeply needed Christian friendship. God had so much more for her than a bath with candles!

We then met someone who was trying to sort their life out from a 'self-help' book only for it to completely fall apart.


The comment was that the only Book to look to for help is the Bible, with help, wisdom and guidance from God.


Judy finished the evening with a humorous sketch about a Church caretaker who was getting in a fluster about chairs being stacked together in the wrong way. Do we sometimes get taken up with the minutiae of life and miss God's bigger picture??



So we are grateful for the really interesting and thought-provoking evening and we look forward to the next Natter and Nosh in July..