2 Timothy 2v1-13

The themes from 2 Timothy 2 v1-13:

- being strong in the Lord (v 1)

- passing on the Good News (v 2)

- being fully committed to the Lord (v 4-6)

- Reflecting deeply on the Bible (v 7)

- Enduring everything for the sake of others' salvation (verses 8-10)

Remembering Jesus as central to everything we do.

Matthew 12. 15-21

Matthew 12v15-21 shows Jesus fulfilling an Old Testament prophecy found in Isaiah 42.  His mission was to proclaim Justice (v18) and establish justice (v20). “Justice” is a summary word for the new world that God will create, a world that has begun now as Jesus sets up his kingdom on earth. He will bring this new world about by the power of the Spirit (v18), a gentle and meek character (v19), and a restoration of weak and fragile people.


Nehemiah 9

As we come to our second to last sermon in our Nehemiah series, we look at chapter 9 and it makes us ask this question. “Are we able to admit our mistakes?” So, imagine we are responsible for a super-hot whites wash and we do all the right things with our powder, softener and lime scale tablet. Then imagine our shock when we begin to take the laundry out of the machine and we realise that our super-hot whites have turned into a weird pale pink; and, as we mope our way through the items a single bright red sock gently drops to the floor. Are we able to admit our mistakes? You know, it has been said that making a mistake is easy. The hard part is saying that, “We got it wrong.” And, although it is difficult to admit our mistakes this is what we see in Nehemiah 9. Having praised the LORD for His faithfulness, Israel admits her mistakes, and then she promises to follow the LORD. When might we do the same thing?