Sunday Morning 11th October

This Sunday morning we have a baptismal service when six people will declare their commitment to Jesus Christ, and state their intention to follow Him to the end. It will be a packed service of testimonies and songs as we rejoice with those who have become Christians.  According to Luke 15 it is party time!

We are a Bible based church for all ages


The gospel of God is really good news. Anyone who turns to God in repentance and faith freely receives the forgiveness of sins through Jesus and a brand new life in the power of the Holy Spirit. In this new life our characters and our relationships are changed to be Christlike.  When our life is over we enter glory and will enjoy God and his creation throughout all eternity.


We believe the gospel is able to transform individual lives, entire communities and even the whole world. We are intense about this message, but not screwed up on religion; laid-back intensity, that's us.


If you come along to one of our services you will find a multigenerational family of believers from different cultures and ethnic groups with a real heart to live for Christ. 



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