Discovery (years 7-10) - age 11-15

Discovery is for anyone between the ages of 11 and 15 in school years 7 - 10. We meet every Friday during term time at Southborough School from 7.30pm to 9.15pm. We teach young people about Jesus Christ, and what it means to follow Him using inspiring Bible talks, directed discussion groups and fun, active games.

 On a typical evening, we kick off with chill zone time to either run off the stress of the school week, or just chill out with mates. Then follows tuck shop where you can purchase sweets and drinks, and some fun activities based upon a theme for the night. The climax of the evening is a talk and discussion from the Bible, and then to seek to apply what God has to say to young people today.

Fridays: 7.30-9.15pm

D.O.S.  (Discovery on Sundays)
D.O.S. meets during the Sunday evening Service, which starts at 6.30pm. Here we look at God's Word, and discuss how to apply it to our lives. We also offer to pray to support the young people in their week ahead. 



Impact (years 11-13) - age 15-19

Impact is a youth group for those in School Year 11 and above. We meet every Friday night at 8pm during term time. It is great place to meet with other people, find a bit out about God and have a great time.

 At Impact we have a passion for telling young people about Jesus and helping them grow in their faith through fellowship and accountability and most importantly FUN.

 We are always doing something different on a Friday evening; from chip shop surveys to crazy games to chill-out sessions. The evenings are individually themed with Bible based talks at the end. There is always ample time for discussions and group leaders are always there to help answer some of the deep theological questions.

Impact is more than a youth group. It is place to hear about Jesus, a place to grow in Jesus and a place to make friends that you will have forever.

Fridays: 8.00-10.00pm

Impact on Sundays
Impact also meets on a Sunday evening after the evening Service, in different members’ homes, to discuss and apply the messages from the day’s Services, and to pray for the Impact members for their week ahead.

All our youth workers are DBS checked