A 6-week mission trip to Thailand


Thanks to support from Hook Church, and other congregations, Benoit is spending 6 weeks in Thailand this summer. He, along with his friend Seth, are working with an organization called ‘Thai for the Savior’(T4S) to spread the Gospel across Thailand. 

Patinya, the director of T4S, is infamous for working his interns to death, and he seems keen on keeping that reputation!  With three planned English and Bible camps along with traveling to churches all across Thailand, the weeks here are busy and the weekends even more so.

Benoit and Seth are working most closely with the campus ministry of T4S, its minister Yai, and his wife Nung. Located just a 5-minute walk from Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok: the largest university in Thailand. Ramkhamhaeng Christian Centre (RCC) offers free English lessons as a means to promote their Wednesday night services and fellowship. There are 15-20 students who attend frequently, the perfect amount for Benoit and Seth to get to know personally, opening up the door to one on one evangelism: the most effective way to reach young Thais. 

While most of the days are planned ahead of time, flexibility is key in Thailand. Opportunities are frequent and the leaders here are adept at making the most of every interaction. They are training Benoit and Seth on how to do the same: every day is different. Some days Benoit and Seth are students studying the Thai language and culture alongside RCC members studying English. Other days, they are camp leaders teaching and encouraging young teens about English and the Bible. That said, all days have one thing in common: every day is an opportunity to serve the communities in Thailand as a witness to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.