Two people, one sight, two visions.

David Livingstone (1813-1873) the great missionary-explorer to Africa had a burning heart for the spread of the gospel of Jesus and the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

He landed at the Cape in South Africa, when he was 29 years old (1841). He had an adventurous "boyishness" about him that wanted to explore the great African continent, but he also had a Christian maturity with a desire to push north so that the gospel would spread to the heart of Africa.

On one expedition he teamed up with a hunter/explorer called William Oswell. They obviously got on well together because one of Livingstone's children, born in 1851, was named after William Oswell. Both men wanted to push north but for different reasons. Oswell to find a wonderful lake (Ngami) he had heard of beyond the Kalahari desert for his own (wrong) hunting reasons; and David to find a route for the expansion of the gospel in the north.  They travelled together. When they eventually found the lake, Oswell was in raptures about it and the game around it. But David was far more interested in the river that flowed into it from the north. Could this be his highway to take the gospel further afield?