6-week 'Parentalk' Parenting Course

Tim Neale, our pastor of youth and Young Families is running a 'Parentalk' parenting Course for 6 weeks from Tuesday 23rd January.

parenting course.jpg

Tim writes:

Being a parent is one of life’s greatest joys, but it is also one of its biggest challenges. There’s hardly a mum or dad on the face of the earth who, at times, is not overawed by the task of parenting.

Parentalk is a course for parents of children aged up to the early teenage years, giving you the opportunity to talk about the day-to-day challenges you face, as well as sharing the things that are going well.

When: The course will take place on a Tuesday evening, from 8.00 - 9.30pm, on 23rd Jan, 30th Jan, 6th Feb, then breaking for half-term, and meeting again  on Tues 20th Feb, 27th Feb and 6th March.

Course content: The course will include topics such as: parenting - it's not just me: the parenting challenge for all parents; also, 'Love languages': how to truly love our children; 'Communication'; 'Boundaries and Battles'; 'Flexible Parenting'; 'Belonging'.

Each session: Each week will include video clips from parenting experts Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill, with guest contributions from Diane Louise Gordon, Mark Chester from Who let the Dads out, author Sarah Abell and paediatrician Dr Kunle Ayonrinde. These video clips include: real life family interviews, presenter discussions, street vox pops, my story animations and Parentalk family drama.. These video clips are interspersed with plenty of time for discussion and sharing our personal experiences as parents.

Handouts: The course will include handouts each week, which are provided free of charge. Here you can note down any thoughts as the different areas of parenting are explored

This looks to be a very valuable course where we can explore areas of parenting, and help one another as parents of children up to thirteen years old.