Small Groups

This evening we are meeting in Small Groups for fellowship, prayer and Bible study.

Please find below the questions for this evening, which are based on John Heron's talk last Sunday, 21st January.


Ecclesiastes 1 v1-18

1.      “Meaningless! Meaningless! How do you react to verse 2?

2.      Discuss if we too easily get sucked in to the general negativity of the world around us? What we can do as Christians to counter this?

3.     What is your response to verse 8? Does it sum up life for you?

4.     How can you cultivate a godly attitude to life’s wearisome repetitions?

5.     How can disappointment help us to see things from God’s perspective?

6.     READ 1 Peter 3 v15. Pray that you will be willing and prepared to share what God has done and is doing in your life.


For more information about Small Groups please email us on contact@hookchurch .org.