Natter & nosh

Natter & nosh is a bi-monthly event that appeals to women of all ages and walks of life. They're always very friendly, informal events where 'nattering' and 'noshing' describes what we do perfectly! We always have a guest speaker who speaks on subjects as varied as 'Personal Safety' to 'Working on the Chad/Dafur border', or from hearing about life as an Olympic silver medallist to a craft evening making cards, chocolates or jewellery! Each speaker will show us how their faith in God has helped them in whatever role they are telling us about. also, we always have some lovely food with a theme e.g. winter warming casseroles, healthy eating, hot and spicy, and sometimes BBQ or Christmas dinner.

Our Natter and Nosh event on Thursday 18th May 2017: this included a talk by Judy Moore entitled "Does my faith look big in this?". For a news article on this please click the link. Then Natter and Nosh hosted folks from the Christian Bikers Group on Thurs 6th July 2017.  Other Natter and Nosh events have included a Christmas Calligraphy evening, and a talk by local author Jo Swinney, entitled 'home', and a also talk entitled 'God and the human mind'. We then had a talk  entitled ' a year in my allotment', with Leona Batten on Thurs 17th May 2018.

At a recent get-together, on Thurs 17th January 2019, our talk was entitled: ‘Teresa and the great mathematician’. We ate delicious mathematical-themed food, did Mathematical quiz and puzzles and a quiz, and heard a talk about ‘the 5 Platonic solids - the only regular 3-D shapes possible, illustrating another aspect of God’s beautiful creation! And the guys did the washing-up!

Our most recent event was an inspiring talk from Meg, a scripture Reader from SASRA. Our next meeting will be in December.

ladies bible study groups

We have ladies Bible study groups that meet on Monday and Thursday mornings, which are open to women of all ages who are seeking a deeper relationship with God, have a desire to study His Word and apply it to their lives.

The Thursday morning Bible study takes place 9.30 - 11.30am in different ladies' homes. If you would like any more information please email us on Please find an article about this group here.


Hook Ladies Days

In 2017 we are had a 'Hook Ladies day' in Pilgrims Hall, Sussex.

It was a wonderful day . To see photos from this day please click the following link

Ladies Day -Mar 2018.jpg

We had another Hook Ladies day in 2018.  Here are 2 photos from the day. Click here to read about our 2018 Hook Ladies Day.

This year the Ladies Day took place on Sat 16th March 2019.