holiday bible club august 2019

“The Good , The Bad, and The Ugly”

Jesus invites everyone to be His friend.

Sheriff visiting FS.JPG
  1. Welcome

Everyone was welcomed to the Holiday Bible Club by Sheriff Tim!

The Church was decorated in a vibrant Wild West style

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the set 2.JPG
Registering the cowboys.JPG

And the children were registered by Cowgirl Linda and her able assistant!

2. Songs

Cowgirl Cynthia led us singing fun action songs - here is one about wearing Boots To Follow Jesus.

Songs - these boots.JPG
songs 1.JPG

Singing - “God sits in the highest place” by Colin Buchanan, “Full of Glory, full of Grace”.

songs 2.JPG

3. Bible stories

Miner Mike presented an interactive Bible story each day.

Day 1 was “The Good Samaritan”, loving God and loving your neighbour. The children had a time to chat over the story in their teams: Blue Buckaroos, Silver Stallions, Red Rangers, Khaki Coyotes, Green Geckos, Black Buffalos.

Each day we also had an associated craft.

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Craft 1.JPG

Day 2 was the Bible story of Zacchaeus: a ‘Bad’, mean tax-collector, who became generous when he met Jesus. Our craft had Zacchaeus climbing the tree to see Jesus.

Day 3: Jesus healing the man with leprosy, and the message that we all carry impurity of sin, which Jesus can heal us from if we turn to Him.

We each made a somewhat ingenious craft, using card and cellophane, and seeing the leprous man being cured of his leprosy!

4. Games

We had games each day, one game involved pretending to ‘shoot the leader’.

Cookie Carole.JPG

5. Refreshments

Cookie Carole served snacks to all the children, and then served a delicious lunch to all the Cowboy/girl leaders .

6. Memory Verse and 7. Show and Tell

Cowgirl Anna led us in a memory verse rap:

“We all like sheep have gone astray - baa baa do baa baa, each of us turned to his own way, the Lord has laid on Him, the iniquity [sin] of us all.- baa baa do baa baa, Isaiah 53 6, uh!”

Then each day Sheriff Tim invited the children to share jokes, stories and songs.

8. Leaders’ Adventure

We watched the daily adventures on Rigby Ranch, mirroring our daily Bible stories. Here we see Cowgirl Coralie starting a race, and we had Dan the Man being the real winner of the race, not Twin Toby, as Dan the Man had stopped to help an injured Twin Anna.

On the other days we had Twin Anna becoming friends with Twin Toby, and then, on the third day, the unglamorous horse won the final race.

9. Special Activities

Each of the children had chosen a special activity, which they did for 1 hour in the middle of the morning.

Here are some photos from them having fun in Forest Skills, fun with structures, fire, mud and pictures.

Outdoor Sports - the first day the temperature was 31 degrees - but with the help of hats, water and prayers everyone stayed safe. praise God. everyone had a lot of fun - massive-ball games, then hockey and team ball -games.


Cowboy Toby (aka director of Southside Drama Academy) led dynamic Drama Sessions, where the children did lots of general fun drama-activities and also activities related to the daily Bible story.

some other photos from the Holiday Bible Club

We then had a fun evening on the Thursday, with chicken, beans and bread-rolls to eat, some Line Dancing, and then we heard some of what the children had being doing at the Holiday Bible Club. Each team had a prize for the best girl and boy based on points awarded during the 3 days. We sang some of the songs we had learnt. Sheriff Tim said a big thank you to everyone, and wished everyone a safe journey home!

And a big thank you to everyone who helped with this Holiday Bible Club