our New Year’s Eve 2018

90’s-themed party

Our New Year’s Eve 2018 party - took place in ‘Goal’s’ Tolworth.

We all had a lot of fun dressing up - ‘90’s themed.

Time with friends. And who’s that under the wig?

posing for photos

dancing is difficult when you are 8 months pregnant ‘a la 90s costume’! other dancers, and a really cool mini Rockstar!

more visitors to the party - who were they?? Mr Blobby required some duck tape-repairs after an over-zealous game of football.

some watched 90s movies, some played Giant Jenga and others went outside for a game of football

we also had a quizzes including ‘who’s who at Hook Church in the 90s’.

who were these Hook Church people in the 90’s?


Answers: David, Coralie, Pat, Charlotte, Pascal, Marie-Pierre, Benoit, Aubin, Rach W, Tim M, Becca, Rachel H, Hannah H, Jonathan H, Mike, Louise, Beth L, Paul, Bethany P, Ellen, Rosie P.

Just before midnight Alan shared some thoughts from the Bible - that, as Christians with a living faith, we can have a certainty in these uncertain times, referring to 1 Peter 1. We have the certainty of a faithful God, who cares for us, and whose power we can trust to be over all things, until our promised salvation into eternal life. Praise God!

22. certainty in an uncertain world.jpg

with a big thank you to Beth L for her wonderful idea, and all her organising of this 90s-themed New Years Eve party, and also to the team who worked to put all this together, with delicious food, and fun quizzes. And also a big thank you to the ‘Goal’s’ staff who gave up their New Year’s Eve to serve us. And thanks also to everyone who came along, with such great costumes and made it such a fun evening! Looking forward to our next New Year’s Eve party.