Teambuilders Holiday Bible Club - Aug 2018

Teambuilders poster FINAL-1.jpg

This year we had 73 children join us for our wonderful Holiday Bible Club - all with a 'Team builders' theme.

We met for 3 mornings with many different activities: songs, games, craft, stories from the Bible, all led by our gaffer, Tim and with the teambuilders-sports theme.

We then had a great celebration on the Thursday evening, with about 70 adults and 70 children who all enjoyed delicious burgers from Brenda's Burger Bar. After that everyone came into 'the stadium' to hear about some of the things the children had been doing in the week.

Below are some photos from the week.

As everyone arrived, the children were sent to their various groups - White Tigers, Orange Lions, Green Alligators, Black Panthers, Red Herrings, Blue Bears, Golden Eagles, Silver Wolves. They started with introductory activities - we made team shields, made playdoh models, constructed from lego and made bookmarks. Then Tim, the Gaffer, introduced the morning, along with his Head Coach, Cynthia. We then met our First Aider, Coralie,  who gave an essential safety talk. And then it was 'Superfan' Mike who directed fun activities.

Our physio, Cedric helped us to warm-up by singing some fabulous songs. These included our Theme song - 'Trust in the Lord with all you heart, and lean not on your understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths'. We also sang a song about Jesus being our Lighthouse: keeping us safe, and directing us in life; and (Jesus being our) Super Saviour.

By the 3rd day everyone knew all the words and the actions, and the singing was electric!!

Our Head-Tactician, Matt described great tactics for being the best teambuilder-player in God's team. He used Bible stories for this: Day 1 was about Joseph, and how after a troubled start, God brought Joseph to a wonderful position, working for the King (Pharaoh) and saving his whole family. It showed how we can value everyone to play a special part in God's team.

Day 2 was about Jesus choosing 12 Disciples to help Him. We heard how there is a battle against 'sin' - 'Shove off God', I'm in charge, No to your rules'. Yet how Jesus still uses helpers today, as they work together to counter sin: to Fish for new believers, To help people Follow Jesus, and that people can be changed Forever.

Day 3 was about Paul and Barnabas going on journeys to tell others about Jesus. At times there were disagreements and they had to forgive one another, in the same way that Jesus had forgiven them.

We had some VIP visits - one was from Hope, who told us how special she was to Jesus, and how He had helped her when things were hard, and how he had brought good out of difficult times.

We also learnt the Bible verse John 3 v16, helped by the Head Coach, who put the verse out on Sports shirts on the washing line.

We had a daily craft, that went with the Bible story: Josephs coat, 'Jesus' 12 Disciples' jigsaw and Paul and Barnabas' boat. The jigsaw was a bit tricky, and some ended up slightly 'Picasso' in nature; but we had  fun working as 'Teambuilders' together. On day 3, everyone built a paper boat by working together.

We also played fun games each day organised by our Games Coordinator Dan, with the Rainbow games managed by Helen.

There was lots of great listening throughout.

Each day we heard about the further adventures of the football team 'Corinth rovers'. There was Joseph- the boss; Dwayne- the star player; Belinda Bunface- the catering manager who makes extraordinary pies; Doreen the Dangerous- The chief steward; Kit Washer - the kit man. In the photo we see the boss trying to find the others hiding in his office. The characters were at first so self-seeking, but in the course of the drama they changed. Joseph's last words of the drama were: 'When we value each other, and keep our eyes on the real prize, we will live the best life we possibly can'.

We also had a daily quiz, when the winners gained extra points by eg throwing a ball into a basketball hoop.

Our 'Stadium' was beautifully decorated, with a sports themed collage, flags, sports shirts and much more besides.

We all had a great time!!