important things

Our church has had its "values" for many years now.  But "values" make us think of business and corporate organisations... or even...  school!  Much better to have some "important things" for us as a church instead of "values".  But really they are "values" and we can, yet, think of them as "important things"  ;)

So the "Important Things" we recently reflected on these past Sunday Mornings were these seven:

important things 3.JPG
  1. Christlike
  2. Biblical
  3. Prayerful
  4. Evangelistic
  5. Family
  6. Flexible
  7. Generous


It is really important for us to practise all seven, and for all seven to be evident in our church life. With them we will thrive; without them we will shrink and shrivel.


Below are links to all these sermons.

  1. Christlike  - link to sermon (11th Feb 2018}: 1. Christlikeness is God's goal for us; 2. What Christlikeness looks like in Church life and on our frontlines; 3. How we can develop in our own Christlikeness.

  2. Biblical - link to sermon (18th Feb 2018) : 1. The Bible is the Word of God; 2. The Bible is supremely authoritative; 3. the Bible is the Centre of Church life 4. The value of the Bible

  3. Prayerful - link to sermon (25th Feb 2018): 1. The wonder of prayer; 2. The way God works on earth; 3. The rewards of prayer

  4. Evangelistic link  to sermon (4th Mar 2018): 1. Jesus was our example; 2. Why we evangelise; 3. its importance

  5. Family  - link to sermon (11th Mar 2018): 1. We are a changed people; 2. It takes effort; 3. The need to reject sin; 4. A hunger for God's Word

  6. Flexible  - link to sermon (18th Mar 2018): 1. Biblical basis; 2. In Church life; 3. Evangelism; 4. Way In

  7. Generous - link to sermon (25th Mar 2018): 1. God is Generous 2. Christians are generous; 3. God is Good; 4. Christians are good.