Christmas 2017 @ Hook


Below is an overview of our Christmas Services: December 2017

The First Christmas Playlist

christmas playlist.jpg

In December, we looked at 3 songs from the Christmas story.

1. Mary's song: from Luke 1 v46-55, which Mary sang after her visit from the Angel Gabriel, and her subsequent visit to her pregnant older-cousin Elizabeth. The song is full of joy, it is then a reminder of what God had done in establishing justice and then how God promised that everyone on earth would be blessed through Jesus. To listen to the message click here

2. Zechariah's song: from Luke 1 v67-79, which Zechariah sang at the naming of his son, John (the Baptist). It is full of Old Testament language, and more about God's salvation through Jesus. The song described that God was now 'on the move' and it spoke of God's faithfulness to His Old Testament promises. To listen to the message click here

3. Simeon's song: from Luke 2 v29-32, which Simeon, sang when he met the baby Jesus as Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple in requirement of the Law,: the redemption of the firstborn (Exodus 13) - for 5 shekels, and also to perform the purification sacrifice through 2 doves. Simeon declared that through Jesus salvation had come.  To listen to the message click here


The Humans of Bethlehem

humans of new york.png

In the evenings we didn't have 'the humans of New York' [a web-photo diary], but rather 3 talks on the 'Humans of Bethlehem'!

1. Mary and Joseph: from Matthew 1 v18-25, which described Joseph being visited by the Angel Gabriel and their subsequent journey to Bethlehem. The message was that Mary and Joseph were willing to obey. To listen to the message click here

2. The Wise Men: from Matthew 2 v1-12. The message was how God grabbed the attention of the Wise Men through the appearance of the star, but also how they had read their scriptures and were waiting expectantly. They then travelled to worship Jesus, the One they had been waiting for. To listen to the message click here

3. The Shepherds: from Luke 2 v8-20. This was an extraordinary announcement to ordinary people. It produced in the Shepherds a joy and peace like no other as they responded to the message and went and met Jesus. To listen to the message click here


Other Christmas Services


A Nativity Service, where the Junior Church children presented an animated drama of the Christmas story.

A Carol Service, which included readings from the Christmas story, and a meaningful selection of Carols, including some numbers from the Christmas Choir. The message was entitled 'Why Christmas?' -  how Jesus came to show us how to live, to be a Teacher, to offer us freedom from our sins: all out of Love. To listen to the whole sermon  click here.

A Christmas Day Service when we celebrated the Good News of salvation through Jesus, and also enjoyed a vibrant Carol medley sung by the African Choir. To listen to the message click here


New Year's Eve

The year ended with a Morning Service message from Matthew 12 entitled ' Jesus is just the Saviour we need':

He is our priest, better than the Temple: for He stands in the presence of God, and relates to us God's message;

He is our prophet, better than Jonah: standing between us and God, praying for us and offering sacrifice; 

He is our king, better than Solomon: our protector and ruler

Click here to listen to the message.

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In the evening we had a Service of Testimonies, when people described how God had acted in their lives in 2017, helping us through hard times, guiding us and bringing us healing.