Easter @ Hook

In the run-up to Easter, Ellen designed and ordered the Easter leaflets. Bernard and Rosemary bundled them up for each street, and in the weeks leading up to Easter about 54 church folks delivered the 5000 leaflets to our local area! We prayed that the people who received the leaflets would be encouraged by the Bible verse, and would consider the message, and even come to one of our Church Services.

On Good Friday, we remembered the final hours of Jesus’ life, and His sacrifice upon the cross, which paid the price for our sins. The music group helped us to raise our worship of thanks with songs such as ‘Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus’, and Matt Redman’s song: ‘Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice’.

Then on Easter Sunday a great crowd of us gathered to celebrate in memory of the risen Lord Jesus, who appeared first to Mary Magdalene, confirming the Good News of salvation offered to all who believe.

On Easter Sunday evening we celebrated with our friends at the King’s Centre in Chessington, and were told how though Mary Magdalene had a deep love for Jesus, that Jesus’ love for her was even greater.

Even though Easter has passed, each week is like another Easter Sunday, as we remember our salvation and freedom from death, through the death and resurrection of our Saviour Jesus.


Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice     by Matt Redman

Jesus Christ I think upon your sacrifice
You became nothing, poured out to death
Many times I've wondered at your gift of life
And I'm in that place once again
I'm in that place once again

And once again I look upon the cross where you died
I'm humbled by your mercy and I'm broken inside
Once again I thank you
Once again I pour out my life
Pour out our lives to you

Now you are exalted to the highest place
King of the heavens, where one day I'll bow
But for now I marvel at your saving grace
And I'm full of praise once again
Full of praise today
I'm full of praise once again