No girls allowed!

Sometimes we have specific events for men of all ages to meet and invite friends, relatives and colleagues to hear the good news of Jesus, in a clear, safe and men-centric environment. This has proved an excellent way not just for hearing the good news, but also for encouraging each other through developing deeper friendships and fellowship... and also to have fun.

We also have Thursday 5-a-side football, and there are other informal times for us to get together and chill.

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next Men’s Events

Future events include a coffee-roasting experience @coffeebay in Tolworth, on Sat 7th Sept, including an introduction to coffee roasting, barista skills, coffee-tasting. More info to follow.

Then, 9am - 1pm Sat 16th Nov there will be a Men’s Day at Send Evangelical Church, with the theme “Servant leadership”. More info to follow.