dave batten - deacon

Dave has been coming to Hook Church since he became a Christian in 1983 (at the tender age of 21 - so you can work out how old he is now!) at a Luis Palau mission to Students. He is married to Jenny, whom he met at Hook, and they have two grown-up 'children' (they'll not like being called that even though it's true), Leona and Simon. No cats. Or dogs. Or any other animals, come to that! In full-time employment as a Quality Assurance Engineer, Dave spends a lot of his non-working hours in the Scout movement as a Scout Leader and Explorer Scout Leader, and enjoys mountaineering (hill walking, climbing, and remote camping), skiing, racquet sports, football (which he still plays), rugby (which he doesn't), reading, cryptic crosswords and watching films.

Oh - he is also the Deacon mainly responsible for electrics at the Church, which includes ascending ladders to precipitous heights to replace blown spotlight bulbs! So, if you find an electrical problem...tell Alan (or Bob).

Loving the Lord, Dave has a real desire to bring others to Him as well, and sees the work on the fabric of the church as a means to that end.


Areas of responsibility as a Deacon:



Downstairs classroom

Lobby area