Easter Experience

Wed 14th - Fri 16th Mar 2018


A joint venture between Chessington Evangelical Church, Hook Church, makebelieve theatre company and Insight Schools Work.

@the Kings Centre, Coppard Gardens


Opportunities for people at Hook Church.

1. Come along and help at the evening events - Wed 14th Mar, Thurs 15th Mar, Fri 16th Mar, 7-10pm.


-You can either help with the groups going around the arenas of the Easter story, as they meet a servant clearing up after the Last Supper; then they meet the centurion who witnessed the death of Jesus, then Mary Magdalene having met Jesus after His resurrection, and finally Peter, by the lakeside. (We had 'Peter' visit us in Hook Church on Sun 4th Feb, to give us a taster of the Easter Experience).

- Alternatively, you can help serve the canapés/wine after each performance

- Or you can come ready to mingle and chat to people who have attended the performance, and to answer any questions people may have about what they have just seen.


2. Help with crafts/ activities in the Activity Zone during the day when the School groups come around - Wed afternoon 1.00 - 4.00pm, Thursday 9.30 - 3.00pm, Fri 9.30am - 3.00pm (at any of these/or all of them!). This is organised by Insight Schools workers, and they greatly appreciate extra people to help out.

3. Help with set-up Tues am 13th Mar, or set-down Sat am 17th Mar.


If you would like to be involved in any of these ways,  please email Tim on: Tim@hookchurch.org. 


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4. Bring along friends to one of the evenings and let them experience Easter in a completely different way!

See below for details:





What Easter Experience is all about?

What if death were undone?

The Easter Experience is an interactive theatrical performance, that will transport you right in the story of Easter as it unfolds in first century Jerusalem.  Come and meet a first-century servant, a Roman centurion, Mary Magdalene and the Apostle Peter and here about the incredible events of that first Easter that changed the world!

The Easter Experience will run for three nights only on Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th of March, with multiple performances on each night.  

The Easter Experience is a ticketed event at £2 per person: please book in advance -  www.thekingscentre.org.uk/events.

Taking place at The King’s Centre, Coppard Gardens, Chessington, KT9 2GZ.

Although the material in the Easter Experience is suitable for all ages, we are reserving these evening performances specifically for adults who are over 16 years, unless you are coming as part of a youth group.