our global vision day 2018

GV 2018.jpg


10.30am Morning Service

11.15am Coffee

11.45am Seminar 1 - the Eden Team

12.15pm Lunch

1.30pm Seminar 2 - Latin Link

2.00pm Tea break

2.30pm Seminar 3 - LCM

3.00pm Panel Questions

3.20pm Closing Worship - with the African - Caribbean Choir and the Sunday School of Rock

3.30pm Close

youth programme

Junior Church (Back hall) SoS (Marley)

Session 1 (11.45am): Latin Link LCM

Session 2 (1.30pm): LCM Mission Crafts

Session 3 (2.30pm): Mission Crafts Latin Link

All Sessions Creche (Downstairs Classroom) Mini Church (Upstairs lounge)

At lunch time a Veggie-tales film will be shown for the children upstairs.