Small Groups

This evening we are meeting in Small Groups for fellowship, Prayer and Bible study.



Psalm 19   -   Wednesday 21st February 2018

1. What is the most amazing thing you have ever seen in nature? What did you conclude about God as you gazed at his creation?

a. How has your understanding of God as Creator of the world helped you worship him?

b. How should Christians respond to people who do not acknowledge God as creator of the world?


2.  Read v1-6. What do the heavens declare? How do they declare it?

a. What do you most appreciate about God’s creation?

b. What can/should we know about God based on what we see in nature around us? Read Romans 1:18-20. What qualities of God does nature reveal to us?


3. Do you know people who deny God’s existence? Why do they not believe that God exists? How can you use Psalm 19 to share the truth of God’s existence with them?


4. Read v7-11. How is God revealed through Scripture? What has he told us about himself through the written word? Why is nature alone not enough to help us fully understand God?

a. What nouns are used to define God’s word in verses 7-11? What do these names for God’s Word tell us about God’s authority?

b. What adjectives are used to describe God’s Word in verses 7-11? What do these descriptions tell us about God?

c. What is the purpose of God’s Word as detailed in verses 7-11? What do these results tell us about God’s desire for us?


5. Read v12-14. What is the proper response to God as he reveals himself through nature and his Word?

a. How is repentance a proper response to God? Read Acts 2:38.

b. How is guarding your speech a proper response to God? Read James 3:1-9.

c. How is guarding your mind a proper response to God? Read Philippians 4:8.


6. Use the Psalm in the prayer time that follows.

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