Small Groups

This evening we are meeting in Small Groups for fellowship, Prayer and Bible study.



TEXT: The Grace of God

DATE: 21st March 2018


1.  What is the grace of God?  Can you come up with a definition? Are there any Bible examples you can think of that demonstrate the grace of God?

2.  Read Ephesians 2:1-10 out loud.

a)       How is humankind described?

b)      List some of the actions ascribed to God.

c)       Find and share the three phrases where grace is mentioned.

d)      Who is the obvious giver and who is the obvious receiver in the text?

e)      How does that make you feel? How should we respond to these truths?


Read Titus 2v11-14.

3.  Try to articulate the meaning of the phrase “bringing salvation for all people” What does this phase not mean?

4.  We live life in between the two appearances of Christ. Reflect on how the grace of God should push us and the glory of God should pull us toward godliness. †

5.  What is the difference between a Christian who is motivated by grace and someone who does good works to gain a right standing with God?

a)       Can a Christian ever forget to rest in the grace of God while they serve? †

b)      Is it a good thing to seek to please God with our service?

c)       What does it look/sound/feel like when you are serving in your own strength? How can you change that?


6.  When did you first understand the grace of God – or realise it was true for you? Share this with the group.


Questions very loosely based on


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