Small Groups

We shall be meeting in Small Groups for fellowship, Prayer and Bible study. 

This Autumn we are going to use the Swedish Bible Study Method on some of the Kings of Israel.

The king we will be studying at our Small Groups on Wednesday 24th October is Manasseh, King of Judah.

His story is told in 2 Chronicles 33v1-20 (it is also told in 2 Kings 21 but we will just concentrate on the 2 Chronicles account).

A few things about Manasseh 

  • He was a king in the southern kingdom (Judah)

  • He became king at the age of 12 (695BC)

  • He ruled for 55 years

  • At first he ruled in a horrific way (v1-9) breaking God's law and destroying much of the good that previous kings had done (the account in 2 Kings only concentrates on this part of his life/rule)

  • God judged him (v10,11)

  • Manasseh repented and sought the favour and forgiveness of God (v12,13)

  • On his return to Jerusalem (in Judah) Manasseh reigned in a very different way than previously; in a God-honouring way (v14-20)

We shall be reading the Scripture and then going through it with these 3 things in mind.


*A light bulb: Share something that ‘shines’ from the passage—whatever impacts most, or draws attention.


*A question mark: What do you find difficult to understand in the text, or what question would you like to ask the writer of the passage or the Lord?


*An arrow: What would be a personal application for my life? 


For more information about Small Groups please email us on contact@hookchurch .org.