Small Groups

We meet in Small Groups for fellowship, Prayer and Bible study. 


TEXT: Romans 1v18-32

DATE: Wednesday 6th March 2019



Read Romans 1v18-32

1. From Romans 1 v18-20,

  1. What does creation show, and how does it show it?   See also Psalm 19v1-6. 

  2. Why are people without excuse?

2. From Romans 1v21-25

  1. How can we glorify God and be thankful?

  2. What is foolish about doing v23? See also Isaiah 44v9-22

  3. In what ways do we serve created things rather than the Creator, v25

3. From Romans 1v24-32

  1. What is God’s wrath?  See also Psalm 81v12 / Acts 7v42

  2. To what extent does talk of the wrath of God embarrass you and make you feel awkward?

  3. Why do Christians get so het-up about the sins of v26-27, and not about the sins of v28-31?

  4. How can you ensure that the sinfulness of the world drives you not to self-righteousness, but to the cross for mercy? 

Some questions are based on the ones from Stott / Keller / Hunt

For more information about Small Groups please email us on contact@hookchurch .org.