Small Groups

We meet in Small Groups for fellowship, Prayer and Bible study. 


Romans 1v16,17

Wednesday 20th February 2019


1/ Paul was not ashamed of the gospel

a)       Why was Paul not ashamed of the gospel?

b)      In what situations do you find yourself ashamed of the gospel?   (What are some of the reasons why we might be ashamed of the gospel?)

c)       What is the antidote to being ashamed of the gospel? (What are the reasons why we should not be ashamed of the gospel?)


2/ When you think of God’s power, what do you think of?

a)       Where and when do we see God’s power in the world?

b)      How do we see God’s power in the gospel?


3/ What do the following references tell us about believing?

a)       Romans 1v16,17

b)      Acts 16v16-34

c)       1 Thessalonians 4v14

d)      Hebrews 11v6


4/ How does the truth of Romans 1v16,17 promote harmony between different kinds of people in church fellowship?


Some questions based on Tim Keller & John Stott

We are studying Romans in our Small Groups so as to fit in with the Sunday morning sermon series.

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