Small Groups

We shall be meeting in Small Groups for fellowship, Prayer and Bible study.



TEXT: John’s Gospel Chapter One

DATE: 13th June 2018


1.      If someone should ask you “Who is Jesus?”  What would you say to them?

2.      Read John 1 v1-18. What do these verses tell us about Jesus?

3.      Read John 1 v19-34. What does John the Baptist say about Jesus?

4.      Read John 1 v35-51. What can we learn about Jesus from his encounters with John, Andrew, Simon, Philip and Nathanael?




There will be no meeting at church next Wednesday (20th June) as it is Work Week.  Maybe you could come along one night - Mon 18th - Fri 22nd June - and help out?  Please fill in the date you can make at the Welcome Desk on Sunday. Thank you!


For more information about Small Groups please email us on contact@hookchurch .org.