Small Groups

This evening we are meeting in Small Groups for fellowship, Prayer and Bible study.



Luke 15v11-32  /  Wednesday 7th March 2018

Many outcasts and sinners came to hear Jesus’ teaching. The religious leaders of Jesus’ time complained because Jesus welcomed and associated with these people. In response, Jesus taught that there is joy in heaven whenever a sinner turns away from evil and returns to God. Jesus told a story about a father and two sons to illustrate this point.


Focus on the Younger Son: 15v11-20

  1. What is your opinion about the younger son?
  2. Why does he want to leave home?
  3. What do his actions tell about his attitudes toward his father’s wealth? his father? life?
  4. What stages does the boy go through?
  5. What causes him to come to his senses?
  6. What was his attitude like when he returns to his father?


Focus on the Father:  15v21-25

  1. Do you think the father understood what was likely to happen when he gave the younger son his inheritance?
  2. Why do you think he did it?
  3. What do you think he did while his son was away?
  4. How do you think he felt?
  5. The father saw the son returning while he was still a long way off - do you think that this was by chance?
  6. How does the father treat the son on his return?
  7. What is the father’s primary attitude toward his son?


Focus on the Older Son:  15v25-32

  1. How does the older son feel about the return of his younger brother?
  2. Do you think the father loves the younger son more? Why or why not?
  3. Do you think the older brother is justified in his behaviour?
  4. What does the father want for the older son?
  5. What are the results of the older son’s resentment?
  6. What other options does the older son have?




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