This morning, Jamie Campbell will be speaking on a character from the Bible- (4) Jael

This coming Sunday morning marks the end of our four part mini series on bible characters. So far we have spent time with, Peter, Esther and Naomi & Ruth.

Next it is the turn of Deborah and Jael, in Judges 4; and, if ever there was a history relating to strong women in Scripture, this is it! In the Hebrew language, Deborah means “Bee” and Jael means “Mountain Goat” and as Judges 4 unfolds we see a “busy-ness” and a “tough-ness” used by the LORD to render a great victory for His people.

You see, although Israel is in the Promised Land, she has lost the plot, spiritually. Her disobedience before the LORD has led to her fall under King Jabin of Canaan and his general; a man called Sisera. Using 900 iron clad chariots - the ultimate military machine - Sisera cruelly oppressed Israel or crushed Israel for 20 years and this leads Israel, in the end, to cry to the LORD for help. As our narrative moves forward, Judges 4 shows us the way in which the LORD routs the ultimate enemy of His people through the extraordinary work of Deborah and Jael. Let’s not be embarrassed or intimidated by these strong women; and, let us rejoice in what Jael’s tent peg and hammer foreshadows:

Where one nail bought God’s people 40 years of peace (Jdg 5.31): Jesus’s nails bought God’s people peace forever when He crushed Satan’s head from The Cross at Calvary.

Therefore, dear Hookites, go with the Lord’s salvation plan because He has routed our ultimate enemy.