We shall be meeting in homes for fellowship, prayer and Bible study, discussing act 12 v1-24, the Bible passage preached on last Sunday.


Small Group Questions, based on Acts 12.1-24.

With thanks to PT Cornhill Resources “Teaching Acts”, by David Cook.

Please read Acts 12.1-24 and then answer the following questions.

1)      Why did Herod kill James and imprison Peter? (V1-3).

2)      What measures did Herod use to prevent Peter’s escape? (V4-6)

3)      In response to this, what did the Church do?

4)      Why is V5, so important? Does this describe us?


5)      Peter’s life is on the line; which part of V7 comes as a surprise?

6)      What strikes us about Peter’s escape? (V8-11).

7)      Earnest prayers have been answered but the church doubts! Why? (V12-16).

8)      Peter encourages the church and then leaves. Why is this a wise move? (V17)


9)      A prison in panic: describe the scene and Herod’s brutal judgement. (V18-19).

10)  From brutal judge to lowly worm. How do VS 19-23 instruct us?

11)  What does V24 tell us about God’s Sovereignty and man’s attempts to block the Gospel?


Please read Eph 3.20.

1)      How does Peter’s escape reassure us?

2)      Is there a particular testimony in Acts 12.1-24 that we relate to?

3)      What fruit should the text produce in our lives?