• The King's Centre (map)
  • Coppard Gardens Chessington
  • KT9 2GZ

The Roadshow promises to be fascinating, informative and fun. Here are some of things you can expect:

  • A colourful, illustrated PowerPoint presentation for the whole family. Our speaker team has brainstormed a brand new teaching framework which we are confident will bring the subject of ‘dinosaurs and the Bible’ alive in a memorable way (though each of our five speakers will bring his own unique presentation).

  • We have acquired some great-looking new models to take with us on the road. You’ll get to meet these ‘dinosaur friends’ of ours, for instance, Valentino, our larger-than-life Velociraptor—quite a scary guy!

  • Smaller youngsters can sit astride Alexis, our friendly Allosaurus!

  • Children 12 years old and under will receive an educational free gift.