This talk is the first in our 7-part series of 'Important things'; to include 1. Christlikeness 2. Biblical; 3. Prayerful; 4. Evangelistic; 5. Flexible; 6. Generous; 7. Family (Community)

We start today with 1. Christlikeness.

Quoting from a book entitled 'ReJesus: a wild Messiah for a Missional Church': 

"When we say we want to be Christlike - to be like Jesus - we are not saying we are going to walk on the water or die for the sins of the world. No, being like Jesus means we adopt the values embodied in His life and teaching. Only Jesus was able to feed thousands with small amounts of bread and fish, but if we are like Jesus we can embrace the values of hospitality and generosity. We might not be able to preach to the multitudes but we can commit to speaking truth to lies. We can't die for anyone's sins, but we can embrace selflessness, sacrifice and suffering."

This sermon describes how:  I. Christlikeness is God's goal for us;  II. what Christlikeness looks like in Church life and on our frontlines, in this broken world.  III. how we can develop in our own Christlikeness.